So far I have a total of 8 exploits/tactics for Canyon. If there are some missing that you know off please E-Mail Me Here so I may add them, you will get full credit for your find.

There are colour crystals after the name of each map, this is a special key so I don't have to write the same thing every time of every map:

Two or more people needed for this tactic/exploit

1 5 of these indicates the difficulty level to pull off the tactic/exploit

NOT allowed in FUBAR server

Base defence must be destroyed first e.g. Obelisk AGT

Most common is the bar jump. Most players know how to do this but it’s still counted as a map exploit.

Download Here [2.08mb]


Now we get to the less know stuff. Climbing the hill near the tiberian patch were the NOD harvy goes.

Download Here [5.91mb]


Next one is climbing the hill near the tiberian patch in front of GDI base.

Download Here [3.91mb]


Thanks to MrDuckky for boosting me up in this video.

The next one is one of my favourites, getting onto the little ledge above hand overlooking whole base and been mostly out of sight.

Download Here [3.28mb]


This one is just fun to annoys people, getting on top of the wall and hill near the sniper lookout behind NOD ref. Also a great vantage point for snipers.

Download Here [7.41mb]


Thanks to MrDuckky for boosting me up in this video.

The next two are done on a regular basis and no on thinks anything of them. The shortcut in the tunnel, running over the iron beam to get to other end.

Download Here [2.06mb]


And the other way

Download Here [1.76mb]


Next is a very tricky one for this map, the WF jump to ledge, many say its not possible, mostly because they try a running jump not a standing jump like your meant too :)

Download Here [1.65mb]