So far I have a total of 5 exploits/tactics for City Flying. If there are some missing that you know off please E-Mail Me Here so I may add them, you will get full credit for your find.

There are colour crystals after the name of each map, this is a special key so I don't have to write the same thing every time of every map:

Two or more people needed for this tactic/exploit

1 5 of these indicates the difficulty level to pull off the tactic/exploit

NOT allowed in FUBAR server

Base defence must be destroyed first e.g. Obelisk AGT

This is quite a major glitch as it allows you to look over the whole fighting area on city flying and not be harmed.

Note: This requires help from the enemy to do, but its actually very easy, view video for better explanation

Download Here [1.81mb]


Exactly what the names says, getting onto the power plant rim.

Downlaod Here [4.04mb]


As the name states this video shows of the ref jump, available on ever map.

Download Here [3.08mb]


Just a short clip showing how to get on one of the ledges on the weapons factory.

Download Here [4.73mb]

Note: Base defence do not need to be destroyed, it's just much harder with them alive.


This is showing how to get on the very top ledge of weapons factory, please note there are three ways but this is by far the fastest (Just encase your being chased like I normal am) if you can get it right.

Download Here [3.61mb]