| Posted by Smasher9a | June 15, 2004 |

As you can see there's now a new banner to make it fit in with the setup of the site. I am considering taking down the tactics section when i run out of storage space, that is still a few months away probably but in the meantime i would really like some feedback on what anyone thinks about them, Click Here to e-mail me and let me know,


| Posted by Smasher9a | April 09, 2004 |

Smasher9a.com is born! I am final out on my own, no more hosting from Fubar or Dangerous Gaming. Although this means my bandwidth is much lower it also means permanent and full access to FTP so I may be able to take on a few helpers in the near future.


| Posted by Smasher9a | February 15, 2004 |

All the videos have been revamped, many people were emailing saying that videos were not playing and they needed codec's but that didn't know witch ones. I fixed that problem in a few simple changes; all videos are now BINK Videos , a video inbuilt with a standalone media player.

Along with this I am happy to say that Under has now joined the exploits list, only 3 exploits but it's a start.

In total there are now 22 tactics/exploits totaling 66.4mb


| Posted by Smasher9a | February 4, 2004 |

Hello and Welcome to the brand new Tactics page, some of you may remember the old tactics page, well that had to go down because it was taking up nearly 1GB of out 6GB limit, the new one will have much smaller files and excellent quality because of new video compression software.

Over time it will grow till it has every exploit available for the original maps, who knows maybe it will start to have a few of the popular fan maps :)

If you want to become a part of the exploit team please E-Mail me, please not you must have at least one exploit not already on this site. to be considered.