So far I have a total of 2 exploits/tactics for Walls Flying. If there are some missing that you know off please E-Mail Me Here so I may add them, you will get full credit for your find.

There are colour crystals after the name of each map, this is a special key so I don't have to write the same thing every time of every map:

Two or more people needed for this tactic/exploit

1 5 of these indicates the difficulty level to pull off the tactic/exploit

NOT allowed in FUBAR server

Base defence must be destroyed first e.g. Obelisk AGT

This is a very handy and not very well know 3 rd way to enter the hand, This avoids all doors and the side windows, u know where all the mines normal are =)

Downlaod Here [1.31mb]


This is by far my favourite of any map tactic, its fun and devastating to tank rush's. Getting the MRLS on top of the wall =)

Note: If you plan to use this for B2B (Base to Base) DON'T you will be kicked from the game.

Download Here [6.40mb]